There are tons of other interesting and entertaining sites like this one on the dark web that are unique, safe, and have their own niche. For example, I looked up and was able to find a snapshot of Google’s home page from 2008. calls itself a “time capsule for web pages,” meaning it allows you to take a snapshot of a web page, which will remain online even if the original web page disappears. The site saves text and images, but it can’t save videos and sounds.

  • Because of how the network operates, you cannot purchase an onion domain from a regular registrar like GoDaddy.
  • It is used to reconnect the customer with the last agent with whom the customer had chatted.__lc2_cst2 yearsThis cookie is necessary to enable the website live chat-box function.
  • To further reduce your exposure to dark web dangers, you can run a dark web scan to see if any of your data has leaked onto the black market.
  • If you “joined” the dark web you’re literally defeating the entire purpose of the dark web.

That doesn’t mean the sites aren’t involved in a very dark trade. They have become catch points for real people who are looking to pay to have someone murdered. And a number of men and women are sitting in jail after paying one of these sites — and getting caught by the police. Experts and law enforcers who have studied these sites — almost all of them on the so-called dark web or dark net — say they are scams. There has not been a known murder attributed to any of them.

Download and Install Tor Browser

EVERYBODY in this world that is using the internet should do so via a safe VPN service. There are good solid VPN providers out there USE THEM, ExpressVPN is among the very best and the one I use so take your pick. First of all, you dont learn how to hack and scam on there. On the dark web you browse websites that are hidden for a reason, either its illegal or maybe somr documents fron the government maybe.

darknet sites

In fact, this hidden web is so large that it’s impossible to discover exactly how many pages or websites are active at any one time. If you want to access regular HTTPS websites via the Tor network for added privacy and anonymity, DuckDuckGo is what you need. In the UK, any book older than 70 years old (past the date of the author’s death) is no longer subject to copyright restrictions.

Best Dark Web Links in 2023 (Use Dark Web Sites Safely)

Others may act in ways that are illegal for the protection and safety of others. Let’s unpack both of these concepts in terms of the “dark web browser” and the websites themselves. We don’t want to leave you with the impression that everything on the dark web is nefarious or illegal.

darknet sites

When we see massive data breaches, like Equifax or Ashley Madison, the stolen data, often ends up on darknet sites for sale. The data stolen in the recent Facebook breach which leaked personal details of 50 million users, ended up on a darknet site for sale. The site it was being sold on was a little like eBay, with a rating system – reminiscent of The Silk Road. Social networking is the use of internet-based social media platforms to make connections and share various media with friends, family, colleagues, or customers. The dark web refers to encrypted online content that is not indexed by conventional search engines. There are several dark web search engines you can use to browse the dark web, but the top choice for most is DuckDuckGo.

Top 21 .onion websites from the depths of the dark web

The Tor network began as an anonymous communications channel, and it still serves a valuable purpose in helping people communicate in environments that are hostile to free speech. “A lot of people use it in countries where there’s eavesdropping or where internet access is criminalized,” Tiquet said. Buy login credentials to a $50,000 Bank of America account, counterfeit $20 bills, prepaid debit cards, or a “lifetime” Netflix premium account. Finally, always use VPN, get it, install it and ensure it is installed correctly, then Tor or Firefox, avoid Chrome and Chrome base browsers. They are based on google code which I know collects information from users. If you want to go mad then use QubeOS, VPN, Tor, Firefox, use with USB boot drive and USB storage so there is absolutely nothing on the laptop that could be used to identify you.

darknet sites

It’s from this process of ‘peeling’ off the individual layers of encryption, like the layers of an onion, where ‘the onion router’ gets its name. While the goal of websites on the surface web is to be found as easily as possible, this is often not the case on the dark web. Dark sites frequently change their URLs to maximize privacy. You’ll notice the URLs of dark websites end in .onion instead of .com or .co or others you would be used to seeing. However, not all dark web activity is illegal or nefarious. Did you know that Facebook has a site accessible via the dark web?

At the moment we would suggest Bitdefender as a good antivirus. It’s great antivirus software and on certain tests it even outperforms the more well known antivirus software. They are cheap and so worth it even for normal web browsing. My VPN provider also supports mobile devices for Apple and Android. Should I get a 2nd computer solely to browse the dark web? I can’t find any answers to this question when I’ve tried.

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