A small con is that CyberGhost’s long-distance servers are not as fast as ExpressVPN. However, that was not a problem for me since I consistently averaged above 40 Mbps on the US servers I tested with just a 20% drop from my base speed. This is really impressive since my location is more than 7600 miles away from the US. These speeds are more than enough to browse the dark web smoothly. If you’re browsing from a network that blocks Tor, choose “Configure”. When you click “Configure”, it will ask you if Tor is censored in your location, or if you’re using a Proxy — then it will help you configure a pluggable transport.

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This covers your medical history, prescriptions, biometric data , test results, billing information, and other sensitive details. In the wrong hands, this can culminate in medical identity theft or even fingerprint identity theft. We always recommend using a reliable VPN when accessing the deep web or dark web. The most common way to access the dark web or deep web is by using the Tor network, and doing so is not nearly as complicated as you might think. First, you need a web browser that’s capable of utilizing the Tor protocol.

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It is known to have multiple weaknesses including vulnerability to eavesdropping, traffic analysis attacks, mouse fingerprinting, and more. Using the Tor browser is necessary to visit .onion sites, but every application has the occasional weakness. Always ensure that your Tor browser is kept up to date and try to stay abreast of vulnerability notices. As a reminder, WHSR is not affiliated with any sites on this list nor do we encourage or condone illegal activities of any nature.

It can only be used to access hidden services specific to the I2P network. I2P cannot be used to access .onion sites because it is a completely separate network from Tor. Instead, I2P uses its own brand of hidden sites called “eepsites”. Most of that information is hidden simply because the vast majority of users won’t find it relevant. Much of it is tucked away in databases that Google is either not interested in or barred from crawling. Buy login credentials to a $50,000 Bank of America account, counterfeit $20 bills, prepaid debit cards, or a “lifetime” Netflix premium account.

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Making sure you’re connected via HTTPS is one solution to this problem, as is using a virtual private network. The dark web is intentionally hidden and requires specific technologies — like the Tor browser and the Invisible Internet Project network — to gain access. Tor will protect your IP when visiting websites and I2P is a proxy network that can help journalists reporting from dangerous territories.

By utilizing custom software to infiltrate and analyze activity, this has allowed law officials to discover user identities of patrons and bystanders alike. Even if you never make darknet carding sites a purchase, you could be watched and incriminate yourself for other activities later in life. Malicious software — i.e. malware — is fully alive all across the dark web.


This is the main way that search engines become aware of a certain website or web page, and is generally how sites like Google add web pages to their index. This allows users to find sites through its search engine. Although the deep web functions by hiding itself from regular search engines, there are still ways to search for sites located on it. Purpose-built deep web search engines such as Ahmia or Torch are examples of this, and make it possible to find sites hidden from Google with a simple search. Although the deep web’s information isn’t indexed by regular search engines, it can often still be accessed. Any website that is paywalled, such as the text of news articles or educational content site that requires a subscription, is also blocked from search engine bots.

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  • Disrupting transportation systems and other consequences that threaten people’s safety and health, including your own.
  • Finally, the last concept you should know about is the shadow web.
  • These include the buying and selling of illegal drugs, weapons, passwords, and stolen identities, as well as the trading of illegal pornography and other potentially harmful materials.
  • If you become a victim, report the identity theft as soon as possible.

Specialized search engines, directories, and wikis can help users locate the data they’re looking for. VPN by Google One adds more protection to your internet activity no matter what apps or browsers you use, shielding it from hackers or network operators by masking your IP address. Without a VPN, the sites and apps you visit could use your IP address to track your activity or determine your location. Plus, we take several steps to make sure no one can tie your network traffic to your identity. Not only this, but any time you visit the dark web, you’re vulnerable to a number of cyber threats — such as hackers trying to steal your data, malware, and viruses, etc. A VPN keeps you anonymous and protects your personal information so you can browse the dark web safely.

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However, you might have found yourself asking, What is the deep web? As news outlets rarely concern themselves with explaining exactly what it is besides being a place where you can anonymously dark web silk road acquire illegal goods. User accounts on the deep web contain a lot of personal information that criminals might value — that’s why access to much of the deep web is restricted.

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The operating system is free to use and live boots from a USB stick or DVD. Therefore, before you open the Tor browser, you should close all the other apps on your machine, stop unnecessary services from running, and cover your webcam with a piece of paper. Therefore, you should never download the Tor browser from any source other than the official website. Tor might have had its security problems in the past, but it’s still the safest and most popular way to get on the dark web. Ergo, you should also use a VPN when connecting to the dark web. It will encrypt your web traffic, ensuring it’s hidden from snoopers even if there’s a similar repeat of last year’s issues.

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You will see the site is now become accessible on your screen with the help of Nord VPN securely. I love hearing from my readers, so please let me know if you have any questions or comments on how to access the dark web on your iPhone. Now, you have an idea to access the dark web on your iPhone without any hassle. A VPN will encrypt your traffic and hide your IP address, making it impossible for anyone to track you online. Choose a server location that is not in your country to maximize your privacy. Before we get into how to access the dark web on an iPhone, let’s understand what the dark web is.

There’s tons of information provided online by security experts, like ExpressVPN, recommending trustworthy.onion links. The deep web is the private layer, and it’s often password-protected. It’s the biggest part of the web, taking up about 96% of the internet. Deep web pages can’t be accessed through a simple search, as search engines dark web list do not index them — it’s a layer of the internet only accessible to people with a specific link or login credentials. In my tests, I was always able to access sites like Darknetliveand Danielin my Firefox browser while connected to Proton VPN’s Tor over VPN servers. A VPN — A VPN changes your IP address and encrypts your traffic.

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If you’re browsing in a restrictive network or location, click “Configure”. Otherwise, you can click “Connect” to begin browsing Tor immediately. It offers military-grade encryption and an automatic kill switch that ensures your personal data is never exposed. Browsing the dark web puts you at risk of cyberattacks such as DDoS attacks, botnets, and other malware or viruses. By simply entering the wrong URL or accidentally downloading a malicious file, you could install infectious viruses or malware.

The VPN’s encryption will hide the fact that you’re using Tor from your ISP. Like I2P, Freenet is a self-contained network within the network that can’t be used to access sites on the public web. It can only be used to access the content uploaded to the Freenet, which is a peer-to-peer distributed datastore.

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